Thursday, November 3, 2011

Noche de Muertos in Michoacan-Hacienda Porumbo

For general information on day of the dead please click on this post: day of the dead.

Dia de muertos is a big tourist attraction in Michoacan. The Patzcuaro Lake region is well known for the cultural events that take place around the candle lit cemeteries on November 1st. If you are considering partaking in this annual event, start by checking out Visit here for up to date information on Day of the Dead activities. Morelia also has events although if you are looking for the all night vigil at the cemetery you will be disappointed as the local municipal cemetery is closed around 11pm on the night of November 1st. This blogger does recommend visiting the lake region on that night and for a one of the kind experience I suggest my readers consider staying at Hacienda Porumbo (here is the link to their Facebook page). Every year they hold a mezcal tasting event and this year it was held a day after noche de muertos on November 2nd at the Hacienda.

Hacienda Porumbo is a 18th century ex-hacienda that has been lovingly restored by the Torres family. The hacienda offers spaces for groups and families, with two cabins with views of Lake Patzucaro, each cabin is fully furnished, with a fireplace, comfortable beds, water heaters for hot showers, and fully equipped kitchen. There are also individual rooms available for rent. To get to Hacienda Porumbo by car, head towards Erongaricuaro from Patzcuaro and turn left on the highway that goes to Pichataro. Approximately three kilometers you will see a dirt road to the left and that is the entrance to Hacienda Porumbo. Staying at Hacienda Porumbo is a great way to get a feeling for what the Patzucaro region is like while being able to explore the area by foot, horseback, public buses or car. The hacienda is close to many villages and towns that celebrate noche de muertos  I visited the Arocutin cemetary on November 1st. The cemetary is small but very representative of what this event is all about: remembering the dead with love and dedication. Click here to see my pictures from this year's noche de muertos!

Noche de Muertos Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead or Dia de Muertos, is a celebration of prehispanic orgins observed in the villages and towns of Michoacan. October 31st is dedicated to the remember the souls of children that have passed on and November 1st adults who have died.  Michoacan is not the only state where these dates are celebrated, Oaxaca, Puebla, and Mexico State to name some and each have their own traditions although they do share similar characteristics. For more general information on Day of the Dead, visit wikipedia and Mary J. Andrade's Day of the Dead website